Adding Liquidity on PinkSwap

You can add liquidity for any token pair through this link To add liquidity, you will need to enter an amount of a token pair you want. Your lowest value in USD of the two tokens will be the limit to the liquidity you can supply.

If the pool you want to add liquidity to doesn’t exist, you can make it yourself. As the first liquidity provider, you set the initial exchange ratio (initial listing price). This usually modifies through arbitrage and by more liquidity providers adding to the pool.

In this example below, we will add liquidity using BNB and PinkS.

1. Follow this link:, click on “Add Liquidity” button

2. You must select which tokens to add. In this case it is BNB and PinkS. Go ahead and leave BNB as it is. For PinkS, click on the "Select a currency" button and choose PinkS from the list.

3. After choosing PinkS and BNB, you will see your balance for each coin (if any). Enter the amount of PinkS or BNB that you want to supply. The other will be calculated automatically. After selecting the input tokens and inputting the amount of tokens, you are ready to supply liquidity. If this is your first time interacting with PinkSwap's smart contracts for either or both of the tokens, you will be prompted to "Approve" the contract. Click on the “Approve PinkS” button

4. Your wallet will ask you to authorize the action. Click on “Confirm” after checking.

5. After approving it, wait until the “Supply” button lights up then you can click on it.

6. A window showing “You will receive” will appear, you’ll be able to check the deposited amount of PinkS and BNB, rates and your share of the pool. After checking your contribution, click on the “Confirm Supply” button. Your wallet will ask you to authorize the action one more time.

7. After approving your wallet, wait until you see your LP token balance at the bottom of the page. You can repeat this process as many times as possible to add more liquidity any time you like.

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